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Bio: My name is Diana. I am first, a Christian which means that daily I struggle to grow and change and fail, but I am so very thankful for God's mercy being new everyday. Second, I am a wife to Jeff, which means, I am completely dedicated to being his help meet. I try and focus on the areas where he needs me most, which is in our home. That leads me to third, I am the Mother to Roman, Sela, and Silas. Sela lives in Heaven, she has been there since her birth, November 1, 2009. I care for my family naturally. I focus on continuously building their immune systems, through natural immunity from fighting off bacterial or viral infection, supplementation, nutrition, and alternative care. Which is what my blog's main focus will be. I am not a doctor. I can only write about my findings and experiences. I home birthed all 3 of my children. We are also homeschool family. We have a farm and raise Dexter Cattle, hair sheep, and chickens. I love to garden and preserve as much of our harvest as possible.

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  1. Looking forward to learning more from you! Thanks for doing this 😉

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