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When you walk into a grocery store and see the dazzling array of products, do you ever stop to think about the fact that most of the products that line the shelves are simply different arrangements of just a handful of ingredients – corn, soy, sugar, vegetable oil and refined flour? These few ingredients form the basis for thousands of food products, from Oreos to salad dressing to chicken nuggets to tortillas to soda pop to mac-n-cheese to cereal.

Today I want to talk about making “the switch” from one of those main ingredients – refined flour – to whole grains.

There are many different types of grain available today – wheat, spelt, rice, oats, corn, millet, barley, quinoa, kamut, amaranth – but the most popular grain in America is wheat.

Wheat has come under intense scrutiny these past few years and now in place of the  “low-carb” craze, we are seeing a tidal…

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Comments on: "“The Switch” ~ The Staff of Life" (2)

  1. Katie M said:

    I was so confused! I missed that this was a repost of another blog! I read “for my family of 7” and was like… WHAT?!? Hahaha! I need to pay more attention!

    • Yes, this is from my friend Anna. This was a great series she wrote on making “The Switch” to real food eating.

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